About Andrés Ortiz – ZITRO
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About me.

Hi, my name is Andrés, also known as Zitro. I am a graphic designer from the Universidad de Los Andes in Mérida, Venezuela currently based in Chicago. As a designer I have gained experience through the branding process, always seeking a unique vision in a market saturated with ever more products (see my portfolio). I also have experience with photography, art direction, advertising, visual identity of local products, social media content and strategies. My commitment across all of my work is a fusion between modern design that communicates effectively and high quality.


I see the world in 2D, designing in geometric shapes with the potential to communicate important societal messages. As a visual communicator I have the skills to communicate something that can impact diverse groups of people and spread ideas in a way that is new, long lasting, and can stick with someone forever.  Collaboration as well as a clear personal vision has led to many successful design experiences and allowed me to reach destinations I had only imagined. This is the power of the visual and I am committed to using it as a tool of truth.